Case Study – GPS breadcrumbs evidenced woman lied about being a domestic violence victim

While not explicitly enabled on the client’s phone, we developed software which accessed client’s online and device accounts and extracted GPS data from Maps, MileIQ, Facebook, Google, and other applications including cell tower communication logs, and plotted over time location maps used to cross reference allegations from two women claiming our client was stalking them. The data including phone logs proved that the women were in fact the aggressors by fabricating the stalking allegations and phone logs showed they called our client over 10 time for every 1 call. The protective order was dismissed and the two women were discredited, along with a priest, and four other adults.

Case Study – Con-artist woman using multiple alias located and served.

A client in 2013 sought to serve a con-artist Canadian woman who operated under many pseudonyms, virtually making it impossible to local and server in a federal lawsuit for Racketeering. Specialized Corporate Investigations methodically search the background of all known associates and located vehicle registered to the con-woman but operated by her daughter. Her daughter had accidentally received a moving violation ticket which further revealed an address where the registration of the vehicle was mailed. A valid address to serve. We pride ourselves in finding and locating and ultimately bringing to justice those that believe they are above the law.