WhatsApp and FB sue malware/spyware Israeli Software company NSO

The once a secret spyware company NSO which sells iPhone malware for a cool $50m is being held accountable. The NSO’s “software” Pegasus works by a simple sending of a text which then gives complete remote control of the device to its operators. NSO “customer” used Pegasus to locate and carry out a murder of an outspoken Saudi journalist. Impressed that FB is taking this stand. Read the complaint.

Corporate Investigations Upgrade

While most people are aware of the Secretary of State database of corporations, we go a step further and have been building a unique database specifically for corporate investigations.

Specialize Corporate Products

Whether you are interested in companies by region, topic, genre, nature, we have tools to help us slice and dice the world of companies so we can focus on a specific target.

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Case Study Highlight – Corporate Investigation

A client was permanently disfigured in an unfortunate but common chemical fire at a medical Marijuana farm. Our office was hired to locate a then unknown delivery driver for possible claims of liability. Not only did we locate the driver, we uncovered many more additional defendants who were doing work at the farm for major corporations.

After months of investigation we located millions of dollars in assets and added as many as seven defendants. As a result of our discovery of additional parties and their assets, defendants immediately came to the table discussing settlement while we were still uncovering assets. Our investigation justified the addition of multiple law firms to help with prosecuting the claims.  

Specialized Corporate Investigations Partners with Victim’s Advocacy Group Collision Advisors.

Victims of hit and run automobile accidents have a new resource to turn to https://www.collision-advisors.com/. Collision Advisors has launched a new website and operation to make it easier for victims to be paired with medical care and legal representation.

The insurance industry is designed to reduce the claims brought by claimants and those individuals and properties damaged. The insurance industry is singularly focused on maximize their bottom line and quarterly profits. Insurance companies are reluctant to payout even when you are covered for accidents such as hit and runs. To better combat this unfair fight we fully support this effort by Collision Advisors. Specialized is offering a flat rate investigation fee to help victims identify the “phantom vehicle” in the hit and run. As well as connect you to representation in order to make sure you receive the treatment you deserve without paying all the costs.

Case Study – Racketeering and Pump and Dump Investigations

A number of questionable individuals and attorneys were investigated by Specialized. In additional to sorting through the false names and layers of corporate shells, custom software was developed in C# to map the targets to corporate entities – due to the volume of corporate shells and the time period spanning several decades this was an enormous task. Additionally, the fraud-ring’s scheme to entrap individuals, take over start-ups and use the companies to launder unregistered securities, Specialized developed custom software.

Individual, Corporate Shell, and Unregistered Securities Tracker

The above software generated specific details of individuals, corporations, attorneys and volume of unregistered securities and the money they generated in pump and dump schemes. This information was provided to attorneys and law enforcement and resulted in a Qui Tam lawsuit filing, a RICO civil lawsuit, a SEC lawsuit and criminal charges in Southern District of New York.

In addition to collating evidence, the individuals needed to be tracked down and served. This was a feat within itself. Specialized was up to the challenge.

Natasha-Pankina Ilustrator

Purrfectly hand-crafted illustrations.

Natasha provided Specialized with our logo, product illustrations and visualizations where appropriate. Natasha Pankina maintains the copyright for these illustrations and reproductions without her approval is strictly prohibited. Support independent illustrators today by purchasing stock illustrations from www.natasha-pankina.com.

Case Study – Identification of a crooked attorney using computer forensics.

Litigation is all about leverage. In 2018, a dishonest attorney involved in a divorce illegally accessed the opponents computer. We were hired to perform a forensic analysis of the computer. We were able to identify the individual’s access and create a detailed list of specific files they accessed. Our client used this information to sue the attorney and his client for Computer Fraud and Abuse.

Case Study – GPS breadcrumbs evidenced woman lied about being a domestic violence victim

While not explicitly enabled on the client’s phone, we developed software which accessed client’s online and device accounts and extracted GPS data from Maps, MileIQ, Facebook, Google, and other applications including cell tower communication logs, and plotted over time location maps used to cross reference allegations from two women claiming our client was stalking them. The data including phone logs proved that the women were in fact the aggressors by fabricating the stalking allegations and phone logs showed they called our client over 10 time for every 1 call. The protective order was dismissed and the two women were discredited, along with a priest, and four other adults.

Case Study – Con-artist woman using multiple alias located and served.

A client in 2013 sought to serve a con-artist Canadian woman who operated under many pseudonyms, virtually making it impossible to local and server in a federal lawsuit for Racketeering. Specialized Corporate Investigations methodically search the background of all known associates and located vehicle registered to the con-woman but operated by her daughter. Her daughter had accidentally received a moving violation ticket which further revealed an address where the registration of the vehicle was mailed. A valid address to serve. We pride ourselves in finding and locating and ultimately bringing to justice those that believe they are above the law.