About Us

Specialized Corporate Investigations is a 2nd generational private investigative firm with significant experience in investigations of missing persons, exploited children, corporate theft, workplace injury claims, and many digital crimes.

Principal Investigator Mike Seyler at his desk investigating.

Principal Private Investigator Mike Seyler has over 11 years investigating cases involving corporate fraud, personal injury, child custody, infidelity, and cannabis. Mike’s Washington State Private Investigator’s License Number is 4171. Speak to Mike now about your investigation issues – mobile (206) 852-9171

Forensic Computer Analyst Mark debugging a problem.

Mark is an established entrepreneur and computer science innovator. Mark has over 20 years senior management and engineering experience. He has also participated in the development of more than 35 products and dozens of patents. Mark has investigated a number of high profile criminals which have directly lead to Racketeering complaints filed against them.

Legal research and intern.

Adrienne currently at Seattle University Law School. Adrienne is our researcher involving our most complex cases.  

Specialized Corporate Investigations’ logo and product graphics were designed and illustrated by Natasha Pankina of www.natasha-pankina.com.